17 Visual Elements to Enhance Content 

17 Visual Elements to Enhance Content 

Visual content plays a vital role in influencer marketing but with so much content circling the web, it’s not always easy to stand out. Using different elements and formats to enhance content can increase traffic to blogs and boost on-post and site engagement. From Boomerangs to progressive GIFs, here are 17 innovative and creative ways to set your content apart.





Progressive GIF 

Animated GIF

Image Sliders

Shoppable Photos/Videos

Visual Metaphors


Mixed Media Infographics 

Live Streaming Video

Meta Images

360 Degree Photo

Visual Step-by-Step Process


Interactive Story

As influencer marketing evolves, it’s crucial to mix up your visual content to engage audiences in unique ways. We hope you enjoy incorporating these elements to add a fun twist and display your content in a new light!