Architects of Influence: How FM Builds Trusted Brand Voices

Architects of Influence: How FM Builds Trusted Brand Voices

Building long-lasting relationships with customers has been the ultimate holy grail for brands. Whether it’s a startup looking to make that initial connection or a 100-year-old household name trying to retain customers, at the core of customer loyalty is often a personal, human connection.

But that isn’t always easy to achieve.

By building relationships with influential content creators, brands can harness the loyalty an audience has to those influencers and join the conversation, becoming another trusted voice.

Now, the idea of tapping into influencer marketing to reach more customers isn’t exactly new. At Federated Media, we’ve been working with bloggers and social influencers for more than a decade to create organic custom content that resonates with audiences and drives a connection for brands.

But the world of influence has changed. A shiny blog with insightful prose is no longer the only way to influence. A single captivating photo on Instagram can drive just as much, if not more, brand engagement than a more traditional format. In fact, 84 percent of brands say they plan on using social media influencers to boost marketing efforts, according to Adweek.

We have long worked with premium publishers, such as Wit & Delight, Scout Sixteen, The Jungalow and Honestly WTF, and they are veterans at producing high-quality blog content as well as social media influence. However, since influencers increasingly come in all shapes and sizes, Federated Media has made two important steps this year to grow the reach and scale of our content creator network.

In June, we added thousands of independent influencers to our rolodex by partnering with Tidal Labs. Tidal’s platform helps bloggers, tweeters and other social influencers gain exposure for their work and enables brands to more efficiently expand and target campaigns. Tidal understands the need to track the rapid expansion of influencers, and their partnership allows us to discover and activate new voices as they become influential.

In July, we selected IZEAx as another partner to further discover top influential talent and create high-touch content experiences. IZEA applies a metric approach to influencer quality control, providing a ranking system that leads to richer data insights.

Brands can have confidence knowing we have the capability to tap into a universe of more than 2 million influencers.

But having access to influencers is only part of the battle. At Federated Media, we are architects of influence, identifying and handpicking the right content producers to help brands reach audiences at every step of the customer journey. A larger network of direct relationships and strategic partnerships increases our ability to find the perfect influencer for each campaign, and it increases a brand’s chances of making that vital personal connection.