Federated Media’s Cross-Screen Campaigns

Federated Media’s Cross-Screen Campaigns

Campaigns linking TV and online channels should logically reinforce messages through repeated exposures, but can cross-screen campaigns outperform campaigns that run disconnected TV and online campaigns? And are there additional advantages to a cross-screen campaign beyond effective messaging?

In order to evaluate the power of the program, FM launched a cross-screen campaign with a Fortune 50 automotive advertiser and enlisted a third-party market research firm to monitor results. Targeted at purchase intenders, we measured the branding value of cross-platform ad campaigns versus disconnected campaigns.

The campaign successfully improved multiple awareness and persuasion metrics for the automotive advertiser among the target audience of females over 25 years old with a household income of $100K or more, and allowed for each channel to strengthen weaker performing aspects of the other.

  • Unaided awareness experienced a 56% lift, while aided awareness also improved significantly
  • Among the target audience, purchase consideration experienced a 19% lift
  • Message association experienced a 31% lift
  • Brand favorability experienced a 27% lift
  • All brand perceptions, such as “high-quality” and “technologically-advanced,” improved via cross-screen exposure

Federated Media’s cross-screen campaign approach leverages the individual strengths of television and digital while providing multiple exposures. While disconnected digital and television strategies aim for the same aggregate target audience, cross-screen campaigns ensure the same target audience member receives multiple exposures through multiple platforms. Beyond performance, cross-screen campaigns provide additional in-depth insights usually only available with independent brand studies. This can provide insights to create stronger creative and refined targeting, driving progression from awareness to purchase and ultimately leading to greater ROI.

Cross Screen One-Sheet PDF