Editor’s Picks: Weekly FM Launch Specials 12/23/16

Editor’s Picks: Weekly FM Launch Specials 12/23/16

1. McCormick
Hot Chocolate Crema Catalana
A Cozy Kitchen

A Cozy Kitchen’s family grew up drinking Peruvian-style hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. This year, with the help of McCormick, she wanted to bring this tradition back to life with a new twist — blending hot chocolate with one of her mom’s favorite desserts, crema catalana. 


2. Arm & Hammer
Video: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Camille Styles

Folding a fitted sheet is a household task that seems harder than it really is! Camille Styles teamed up with Arm & Hammer to provide a step-by-step process on how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet.

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3. McCormick
Make Your Apartment Smell Amazing With This Holiday Drink Recipe
The LaLa

Some say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. During the holidays, The LaLa always thinks of her mom’s hot wassail simmering on the stove. Whether you’re looking for a cozy drink that makes your apartment smell incredible or a warm beverage to spice up a chilly outdoor party, you won’t want to miss this recipe!