Editor’s Picks: Weekly FM Launch Specials 12/9/16

Editor’s Picks: Weekly FM Launch Specials 12/9/16

1. Shutterfly
Personalize Holiday Gifts and “Wheel Cars!”
Making It Lovely

Making It Lovely wanted to add a personal touch to her holiday gifts for her son this year. She took photos of the wheels on her son’s toy cars and turned them into a custom pattern for a matching pillow and blanket through Shutterfly.


2. McCormick
Peppermint Meltaways Cookies Recipe
Add a Pinch

The welcoming scent of peppermint in the kitchen during the Christmas season is a memory Add a Pinch will always hold close, just like her grandmother’s peppermint meltaways recipe. Although it’s just a cookie recipe, the traditions, memories, and nostalgia it brings make it far more special.


3. Arm & Hammer
Make a Laundry Monster

With four daughters, it can be hard to keep laundry in one place, dirty or clean. To prevent finding clothes in just about any place you can think of, Cakies and her daughters came up with a creative solution: the laundry monster! Check out how feeding the monster keeps all of the laundry in one place for mom.