FM Weekly Trends Report 12/23/2016

FM Weekly Trends Report 12/23/2016

1. Annoying Ads Following You On Web? Rubicon Project May Have A Solution

On a mission to deliver relevant ads to consumers, Rubicon created “Project Awesome,” an overlay that appears once the consumer hovers over the ad. This gives the users the option of indicating whether they like an ad, want to “snooze” an ad, or note the irrelevance of the ad. Rather than taking users to another site when they click on their preferred option, the offering takes place on the site on which the ad appears. The first release will be an invite-only test, but eventually, the goal is to have this offering available to users across the world. While the feature does not require a download, users have the option of downloading an extension to make the overlay available as a sponsorship priority. The feature also gives the user a chance to build a profile to receive more relevant ads.

2. Why Your Brand Should Start Building Alexa Skills Now!

Amazon is producing a home AI remote control product for consumers that does everything from controlling your HVAC system and lighting to playing your favorite music or entertainment. Integrated through bluetooth and network cables, the product is affordable for most consumers with an easy installation. The product also allows brands to influence the consumer with specific ads and product suggestions through the apps the user is using, creating a direct consumer interaction.

3. Micro, Not Macro: Rethinking Influencer Marketing

When assessing an influencer collaboration, advertisers have to look beyond the sheer size of an influencer’s audience. Instead, they have to consider engagement metrics, just as they do when evaluating types of digital advertising opportunities. By partnering with multiple influencers who have smaller but more engaged audiences, advertisers can drive more meaningful results for digital content marketing campaigns.

4. 2017 Trend Forecast: Live Video

Brands are leveraging live video on social media platforms to engage users. The more captivating the content, the larger the audiences.