FM Weekly Trends Report 1/6/2016

FM Weekly Trends Report 1/6/2016

1. It’s Now Much Easier for Publishers to Caption Facebook Videos

In an attempt to make creating and watching videos easier on Facebook Pages, Facebook is implementing a new feature that will automatically add captions with a single click. The tool allows the manager to break out the caption by individual lines to ensure no mistakes. With 85 percent of video views on Facebook playing with the sound off, this will make it easier for users to engage with those videos. By adding captioning, the feature helps ensure users will see the advertisers’ messaging. According to a Facebook executive, Facebook will switch over to all video in the next five years although users may not be ready to both listen and watch every video. At this time, captioning isn’t available to everyone and unavailable for Facebook Live.

2. Pandora Unveils ‘Muted’ Video, Responsive Ads

Pandora is releasing a few new ad products including muted video and responsive mobile banners, available to all advertisers on January 19. Beta partners have seen a positive response so far with the mobile responsive units including improved time spent, brand favorability, awareness, and message resonance.

3. Google Links Brands With YouTube Creators: Are Agencies and Influencer Networks Threatened?

Google can now help connect companies with content creators on YouTube. Google doesn’t profit from the arrangement, but the content creators do. Google benefits when the videos are placed on their websites. There’s no restriction on brands using the videos elsewhere, such as on Facebook or their own websites.

4. Advertising’s Moral Struggle: Is Online Reach Worth the Hurt?

The marketing industry is facing a moral quandary in the face of a national debate over the role fake news played in the presidential election and the realization that many websites promoting false and misleading stories are motivated by the money they can make from online advertising.