Meet the Creator: Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting

Meet the Creator: Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting

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Today’s spotlight is on Melissa Johnson of Best Friends for Frosting, a lifestyle blog inspiring readers to become their best self through a wide array of DIY tutorials, recipes, style guides and more.


Tell us a little about you and Best Friends for Frosting?
Best Friends For Frosting® is a lifestyle blog dedicated to joyful and wholehearted living. Alongside my in-house creative team, I share exclusive bright and heartfelt content to inspire readers to become their best self! We’re basically having a party every day on our own little corner of the internet! 😉

How did you first get into blogging?
I’ve always loved social media! I used to have a Livejournal and Friendster account waaaay back in high school. Anyone else remember those days? I always loved feeling connected to the world. You never know who you will meet if you put yourself out there! In 2006, my brother had a blog all about Nikes & Jordans. I was so inspired by the success of his blog that I decided to venture into the world of blogging. I had NO idea the type of doors it would open for me! I am so thankful I did!

What was the inspiration for BFFF?
In 2006, I wanted to open my own bakery, so I ended up working at 3 different bakeries to gain experience to open my own. I have to admit, there are SO many demands in the food industry, and I knew I was not cut out to own my own bakery during this season of life. My overall takeaway from this experience was the realization that I was in-love with the branding side of a business versus the demands that owning a bakery would entail. It’s funny how when one door closes, another one will open! 😉 So, instead, I launched Best Friends For Frosting as a dessert blog, which eventually turned into a lifestyle blog in 2013. Best Friends For Frosting® was created from a desire to share inspiration and encouragement for joyful, wholehearted living all in one centralized location. I feel so incredibly thankful to have such a great connection with our friends!


What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his/her readers?
100% listening to your heart and feel confident in being yourself. I’ve experienced so many times where I was fixated on other blogs and kept trying to be like someone else. I wanted to sound more sophisticated. I was scared people would think I was too ditzy or judge me in some sort of way. I felt vulnerable. I wanted to hide my imperfections and sound so professional like I had it all together. It took me years and years to break past this point. Overall, the best service a blogger can provide to his/her readers is to simply be yourself, be confident in who you are, and know that you’re the only “you” out there. And with that, the right friends will be thrilled to get to know you! I wish I realized this a long time ago!

Tell me about your greatest achievement with Best Friends For Frosting?
It’s so hard to pick as this whole journey has been beyond my wildest dreams! I have to say, it’s probably the overall of feeling so blessed to be able to do something I TRULY love and that fires me up.  My husband and I both do this full time + we have a team of 7 people! I love having the connection with our community who truly feel like friends! It still blows my mind that I created my dream job out of $200 and a whole lot of passion! I feel like I won the lottery or something! 😉

What’s your personal favorite post?
It’s so hard to pick as I have poured my heart into so many of our blog posts. But I have to admit, I am still on cloud 9 for the opportunity to work with one of my favorite brands, Pottery Barn Kids again! This time around, I had my nieces and nephew come over where I styled & hosted a kid’s cookie decorating party! I will remember this one forever!

What are your goals for 2017?
Happy new year everyone! I couldn’t be more excited about 2017!  I feel so energized and excited to build Best Friends For Frosting into the brand I always envisioned it to be. My team and I plan on upping our game with our content and rolling out many surprises this year! I can’t wait to share more with you soon!