Programmatic – 5 Trends Shaping the Future

Programmatic – 5 Trends Shaping the Future

Nearly 10 years after its introduction, programmatic has become a leading force in media and marketing. But as programmatic adoption becomes more widespread, demands for customization, programmatic creative, and sharper data insights are forcing the technology to further evolve.

Federated Media originally utilized programmatic to leverage inventory and run a full-fledged trading desk, but the changing scope of programmatic created new opportunities. Among them, our Data Science team programmatically models data to allow full-funnel attribution that illustrates the customer journey – from initial impressions to conversions with trait-level granularity with seamless activation.

The conversation around programmatic is ever-changing. Federated Media’s VP of Digital Media Activation, Marika Roque, identifies five trends driving programmatic in 2016 and their implications for the future of media.

  1. Data-Driven Buying Will Push Programmatic Deeper into TV

The data-driven capabilities and efficiencies that programmatic advertising brought to digital have not gone unnoticed by other advertising mediums, especially television. With the ability to buy and sell TV ads in real-time, messaging can be more relevant and targeted than ever. Programmatic TV enables brands to reach consumers who are interested in their company and, in turn, efficiently stretch their budget. Programmatic is just starting to scratch the surface of the $300 billion linear TV industry.

  1. Mastering the Mobile Consumer

For a long time, bringing programmatic to mobile seemed like fantasy. It’s only this year that consumers have started to spend more time on mobile than on desktop. The modern consumer buying journey spans desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and soon, many other connected devices. The opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers in the moment and across all of these mediums, as well as in-app and mobile Web, can be huge. Plus, when it comes to the cross-device attribution marketers want, mobile programmatic is a step forward.

  1. Dynamic Creative Warrants Your Attention

The use of dynamic ad content is expected to grow significantly in 2016. The growth is fueled by consumers’ demand for ads that are more relevant, and advertisers are responding by implementing cross-device audience targeting strategies, instituting better data management practices, and buying more ads programmatically. With the amount of data and new technology, there should be thousands of creative variations that are data-driven to create personalized experiences, personalized to the moment and device. For marketers who aren’t considering dynamic creative, it is time to re-think the one-size-fits-all concept.

  1. Offline & Online Measurement Will Unite

One of the elusive holy grails of online marketing has been the ability to join measurements of online behavior with what happens outside of the digital world, in a physical world of brick-and-mortar stores that house brands. In 2016, this type of measurement will finally become a reality as credit and loyalty card companies will start to use their store and product-level transactional data as a measurement mechanic for online advertising. Companies like Datalogix and Cardlytics are already facilitating these measurements.

  1. Cross-Device Attribution is a Must

Cross-device attribution represents a paradigm shift among marketers. We’re not simply tracking the consumer journey to decide who ‘gets credit’ for conversions – we are learning from every touch how to optimize messages across every digital channel, as well as providing the best attribution models. This holistic approach completely transforms the way marketers are able to recruit and retain their most valuable customers. At Federated Media, we not only offer buying capabilities in every channel, we also provide the ability to understand how branding and direct-response campaigns work together, on every device, using our proprietary data.

The increased data and marketing opportunities within programmatic means that every company should be on the lookout for new trends, and understand where their business could benefit from programmatic. Federated Media continually develops new insights into media technology, and provides a consultative approach to complex marketing technology adoption and implementation. Across devices, in virtual and offline worlds, through the entire content journey – programmatic is making strides to change the way media operates at every level.